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3 Opera Overtures (2 flutes)


Composer: Collection

Two Separate flute parts 

Three Opera Overtures for Two Flutes
(Trois Overtures d'Opera)
Revised by Denis Verroust
Published by La Stravaganza
Three different opera overtures from three different generations are based upon the original editions and are presented here for the enjoyment of a new generation of flutists. Includes the Mozart La Flute Enchantee, Haydn Ouverture en Re Majeur (Hob. Ia7bis), and Rossini L'Italienne a Alger. Set of two flute parts. For intermediate to advanced performers.
Mozart: La Flute Enchantee Ouverture
Haydn: Ouverture in D major Hob Ia7bis
Rossini: L'Italienne a Alger Ouverture