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Flute Multiphonique


La Flûte Multiphonique - Etudes pour la flûte traversière
(The Multiphonic Flute) - Studies for flute
By Pierre-Yves Artaud
General remarks on multisounds
I. Some basic principles
II. The different types of multisounds
III. Notation
First Part:
Regulation of type A, B, C, and D multisounds
Second Part:
How to acquire complete freedom of action
(dynamics, repetitions, glissandi, selection of harmonics, trills)
Third Part:
Musical applications in extracts of works by:
- A. Boucourechliev: Ulysse
- Y. Taira: Cadenza I
- G. Amy: Trois études pour flûte seule
- L. de Pablo: Lerro
- Ph. Hurel: Eolia
- R. Aitken: Icicle
- R. Francois: Tu/les écoutes
- A. Tisné: Alcaphante
- F. Rossé: In quanto à l'opus 61
- S. Bortoli: Filigrane
- G. Bayr: Méthode pour des sons doubles à la flûte, volume 1