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Di Rayze Nokh Amerike (Flute Choir)


For Piccolo, 3 C Flutes, Alto & Bass, Optional Alto Flute In C Included
Arranged by Adrianne Greenbaum
Klezmer Flute Choir Series
Score and Part(s)
Performing Ensemble: Flute Ensemble
Instrumentation: Piccolo, 3 C Flutes, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, [Alto Flute in C]. This traditional klezmer tune for flute choir begs you to dance! Arranged by klezmer flutist Adrianne Greenbaum, Di Rayze Nokh Amerike (The Trip to America) can be performed in concert or as part of a dance program. This work can be repeated a few times, offering opportunities for different ornamentation and round-robin switching of parts. Perfect for community or school groups looking to add some fun alternative music to a program, this work includes traditional ornamentation and rich historical information. For intermediate to advanced players.