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Flute, Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides (Book)


Composer: Galway, James

Flute, Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides (Reference Work, Book) by James Galway (b.1939), published by Khan and Averill, 244 Pages.

Who better to write an authoritative introduction to flute playing than James Galway, whose glittering career extends from Principal Flute of the Berlin Philharmonic to the top of the international pop music charts? He starts with a history of the flute - believed to be the first, and in its simplest form, the most basic of man's many melodic instruments: "only singers have less paraphernalia between them and their listeners - you just put it to you lips and blow". Galway entrances with his tale of the flute's evolution from the basic recorder to the complex beautiful instrument we know today. 

His unique advice and experience is brought to bear on the problems and techniques of learning, practicing, and playing - in solo, ensembles, at home, in concert and in the recording studio. The flutist will find the specific advice Galway gives invaluable, while the non-flute player will gain an insight into the way the lovely sounds of the flute are produced. Both will be enthralled by detailed analyses of the author's favorite pieces, while he gives due attention to the while gamut of flute repertoire.