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Concerto for Flute and Orchestra, Op. 39 (Flute and Piano)


Concerto for Flute and Orchestra, Op. 39 (Flute and Piano) by Lowell Liebermann (b. 1961), Published by Theodore Presser, Includes flute part and piano score. Duration: 25'.

Liebermann is one of the most prolific of composers for the flute, having written three concertos for the instrument (including a piccolo concerto and a flute and harp concerto) and (one with piano accompaniment, the other with guitar) in addition to a soliloquy for unaccompanied flute. This dramatic and Romantic flute concerto is one of the most important twentieth-century additions to the repertory of the instrument, inline with the concerti of Ibert, Nielsen, and Khachaturian. Written for and premiered by James Galway in 1992, the National Flute Association named it the best new work for the instrument in 1994.

This work, along with Liebermann's Sonata Op. 23, is a critical addition to all conservatory and professional flutist's libraries.