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Flute Concerto in D minor (Flute and Piano)


Composer: Bach, C. P. E.

Flute Concerto in D minor (Flute and Piano) by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Published by Henle Verlag, Includes flute part and piano score.

Of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's flute concertos, the one in D minor is by far the best known, even though its authenticity has been repeatedly doubted. A version of the same concerto for harpsichord and orchestra is “genuine C.P.E.” and this has always been regarded as the original version. An in-depth study of all source findings does, however, suggest that Bach composed the flute version first. Editor András Adorján is thus able to present a musical text in which many transmission errors have been eliminated.

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach wrote this Flute Concerto in D minor around 1747 at the very tail end of the Baroque Era for royal flutist Frederick the Great. The style itself straddles the highly contrapuntal style and orchestral sound (read: harpsichord) of the Baroque with the newer forms of the Classical Era. CPE Bach May not be as popular as his dad (we see you, JS), but this concerto certainly stands on its  own two feet. Fans of Sturm and Drang style will especially love the first and third movements, while the sentimental among us will sing through the expressive middle movement. 

This Piece made it onto our list of The 19 Best Flute Concertos Not by Mozart.