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Flute Concerto in D major Op. 283 (Flute and Piano)


Composer: Reinecke, Carl

Flute Concerto in D major Op. 283 (Flute and Piano) by Carl Reinecke (1824-1910), Published by Breitkopf and Hartel, Edited by Henrik Wiese, piano reduction by the composer, Includes 2 separate solo flute parts (one after the first edition and one after the composer's autograph of the orchestral score) and piano reduction. Urtext Edition.

Without Carl Reinecke's D major Concerto Op. 283, the 19th century would be a white patch on the repertoire map of the "flute concerto" genre. Reinecke's work continues to assert its well-deserved place in concert life and rehearsal work. Editorial attention has now been lavished on it, and Henrik Wiese, a proficient soloist and editor, even offers two different flute parts. This is due to the fact that in the sources for the orchestral version and the chamber version ("flute and piano"), the solo part is elaborated too differently to justify a uniform reading. The edition has also been provided with a highly informative preface and a little "first edition:" the musically compelling stretta of the finale of the original version.

Composed in 1908, this work by Carl Reinecke (1824 - 1910) - the last concerto he composed before his death - was technically written in the 20th Century, though the style is clearly that of the high Romantic Era. The work was dedicated to Flutist Maximilian Schwedler. Each of the three movements is a masterpiece in its own right. Coming in at 23-ish minutes, the length is perfect for the professional flutist, and the pace of the piece does not prove overly difficult. While the sunny and optimistic first movement gives way to the haunting and introverted middle movement, the finale clearly evokes a bright optimism that barrels to the brilliant finale.

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