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George Crumb Vox Balaenae (Flute, Cello, Piano) 

Voice of the Whale is a chamber piece inspired by the singing of the humpback whale. It requires that the three players be masked, as a way to efface a sense of human projection, and  that they be amplified. This is truly one of the most powerful pieces one could have the pleasure of performing. Throughout the piece you are required to whistle, act as a percussionist and speak into your flute. The balance of intensity and delicacy make this piece unique, powerful and emotional. 

Frank Martin Ballade

For a piece that is under 8 minutes in length, it is surely packed with a lot of action! Ballade shows off the flutists technique and expressiveness and has become a standard in the flute repertoire. 

André Jolivet Chant De Linos 

You are certainly in for a wild ride when performing (and learning) Chant de Linos! This piece is driven with energy, fire and explosiveness. Technical mastery is certainly a must, as this is one of the most challenging pieces in the flute repertoire.  Although originally written for flute and piano, Jolivet transcribed the piece for flute, violin, viola, cello and harp in the same year. If you can gather some friends, definitely give this piece a go as a chamber group!

Charles Griffes Poem

Griffes Poem pulls you in with its mystical and eerie melodies. In just one continuous movement this piece allows the performer to showcase melodic mastery and maturity. 

Premiered by Georges Barrere

Claude Debussy Sonate for Flute, Viola and Harp 

This trio is the only chamber music we have from Debussy, and we’re so lucky to have it. A perfect example of impressionistic exoticism, Debussy creates lovely colors with each instrument. 

Elliott Carter Scrivo in Vento

Scrivo in Vento for solo flute takes its title from a poem of Petrarch. It uses the flute to present contrasting musical ideas and displays the paradoxical nature of the poem. The opening has the flute in its lower register, quickly disturbed by notes in the upper register and continues to go between these two very quickly. The piece has an unsettling feel and definitely keeps you on your toes as a performer! 

Scrivo in Vento was written for Robert Aitken

Aaron Copland Duo for Flute and Piano

Lyricism is the word that immediately comes to mind when thinking of the Copland Duo. This purely American piece is beautifully crafted for the flute. The three movements Flowing; Poetic, somewhat mournful; Lively, with bounce; perfectly describe the nature of the piece. 

Duo was written for William Kincaid