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Aaron Copland Duo for Flute and Piano (1971)


The Copland Duo is one of the most iconic American works for flute.  The opening is beautiful and serene and has a very nostalgic feel. The rest of the piece changes tempo, mood and melody quickly, and utilizes the piano as an equal partner to the flute.
Eldin Burton Concerto (1968)



Every flutist knows the Burton Sonata, but his slightly lesser known 3 movement Concerto is certainly a gem! The nuanced harmonies, complex texture, and powerful yet singing melodies make this concerto a piece to put on your “to play” list immediately! 
Lowell Liebermann Sonata for Flute and Piano Op. 23 (1987)



The opening of the Sonata sets an emotive tone for this beautiful and pensive work. Liebermann never fails to provide us with an abundance of color, warmth  and intensity in his music and this Sonata is no exception. Other favorites from Liebermann include his Flute Concerto, Piccolo Concerto and Soliloquy! 
Poem By Charles T. Griffes (1918) 



Griffes’ Poem has mystical and eerie melodies. In just one continuous movement this piece allows the performer to showcase melodic mastery and maturity. Because of its beautiful and compact nature, this piece fits perfectly into any program! 
Steve Reich Vermont Counterpoint (1996)



Technically, this piece can be played with tape or large flute ensemble, but we’ve also seen a solo flutist record all of the 10+ flute parts (doubling piccolo and alto flute) and play the solo part with themself (x10!) Now that is a project for a tech-saavy flutist. With its canonic nature and short repeating melodic patterns, this makes you feel as though you’re in another universe. 
Michael Daugherty Trail of Tears (2010) 



Trail of Tears is absolutely captivating from the first note of the opening flute solo. This piece is haunting, magical and an exciting ride. Daugherty describes it as "a musical journey into how the human spirit discovers ways to deal with the upheaval, adversity and adapting to a new environment.” Please do yourself a favor and take a listen to this piece if you do not know it!  
Danza de la Mariposa by Valerie Coleman (2008)



Valerie Coleman’s rich and colorful Danza de la Mariposa is inspired by the Yaravi, a Peruvian lament song, giving the listener a tour of the butterflies of South America, who dance and weave in syncopated rhythms while alternating between meters in 3 and 4. This music is for flutists written by a flutist. What could be better?! 
Robert Muczynski Sonata Op. 14 (1960)


Muczynski's Sonata for Flute and Piano is rhythmically charged and extremely vibrant! The flute and piano share melodic responsibility and maintain pulsing energy throughout. This is definitely a staple in the 20th Century flute repertoire!