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It’s not just the gorgeous covers!

Here are our top reasons to buy Barenreiter - 

  • Scholarly critical editions that you can trust

    • Scores are rigorously edited and researched, so there are no misprints! 
    • Barenreiter editions are urtext editions. Ur-what? Urtext editions are as close to the composer's original intent as possible.
    • Cadenzas are written by experts in historical performance practice, so you know that they are legit.


  • Quality paper is easier to read

    • Barenreiter prints on an off-white, thick paper that is easy on the eyes. This is the paper of musicians dreams! (Yes, we dream about manuscript paper, don’t you?!)
    • These scores are formatted to have easy page turns and fold outs - no need to photocopy and tape your part!
    • Higher quantity means they last a lifetime. Ever had a score fall apart in your hands? These scores won't do that.
  • Your Teacher Won't Hate It

    • Ever brought a new score to a lesson, only to have your teacher spend your lesson crossing out incorrect ornaments and articulation markings? Yes, we’ve been there too. Buy Barenreiter the first time and save your lesson time for playing.