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While we think women composers should be on your music stand every. single. day. we want to take advantage of International Women’s Day to highlight some of our favorite works by female composers!

Yuko Uebayashi Sonata (Flute and Piano)

Uebayashi’s music is transcendent and anyone who plays her music is lucky enough to be taken to a new musical world. This four movement Sonata is emotional, eloquent and absolutely a gem! 

 Joan Tower Flute Concerto (Flute and Piano)

Joan Tower’s music is strong and powerful and this flute concerto is no exception. This fifteen minute work is composed in one continuous movement and begins its journey with a flute solo in the lower register, setting the tone for an adventurous ride! 
This piece was written for and dedicated to Carol Wincenc! 

Elsa Nilsson Between the Beats (Studies)

Between the beats is a comprehensive rhythmic training book that works intensely to  strengthen the relationship between performer and rhythm as a whole. The exercises include but are not limited to: polyrhythms, hemiolas, displacement and odd times. If you want to take your relationship with rhythm to the next level then this book is definitely for you! 

Eugenie Rocherolle Sonata (Flute and Piano)

This playful and imaginative three movement sonata is a crowd favorite! Sprinkled with a hint of Gershwin and a pedagogical approach, you couldn’t go wrong programming this on your next concert. 
This piece was written for Jeanne Baxtresser! 

Kaija Saariaho NoaNoa (Flute and Electronics)

Looking to program something unique and unexpected? Saariaho sets out to explore and manipulate the flute in an elegant and rich style. 


Valerie Coleman Danza De La Mariposa

This colorful work for solo flute was inspired by the various species of butterflies inhabiting South America, with butterflies dancing and weaving in syncopated rhythms while alternating between the feel of 3 over 4 throughout. 

Cecile Chaminade Concertino (Flute and Piano)

Of course we couldn’t leave this forever fan favorite off our list! The Chaminade Concertino has been one of the staples in the flute repertoire and continues to be a loved piece by all flutists. 

Jeanne Baxtresser Orchestral Excerpt Books

A very special shoutout to Jeanne Baxtresser for her orchestral excerpt books! Every single flutist has spent hours upon hours working through some of the toughest orchestral excerpts with her guidance. You can truly feel her presence in these books; it’s the next best thing to a lesson with her! 



Note - there are A LOT of amazing women composers that didn't make this list. Check them out here.