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Le Chateau Hanté (Flute Choir)


Composer: Avinee, Nicolas

Le Chateau Hanté (Flute Choir) by Nicolas Avinee, Published by Gerard Billaudot.

"Le chateau hante" - The haunted castle - for flute ensemble, is a pedagogical piece, intended to provide degree course students at various levels of proficiency (first to final year) with an opportunity to play together. The technical standard of individual parts takes into account specific learning outcomes. Two (or more) flutes may play the same part. However, it is important to respect a certain balance. Commissioned by David Roussel, Le chateau hante was created in 2007 by his students at Roubaix Conservatoire. We thank him and Anne Secq-Delecroix for their invaluable service. --Nicolas Avinee