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25 Melodic Etudes


Composer: Moyse, Marcel

Marcel Moyse - 25 Études Mélodiques Avec Variations Pour Flûte. As a notable Flute player, Marcel Moyse (1889-1984) studied at the Paris Conservatoire under the direction of virtuoso flautists, Paul Taffanel, Adolphe Hennebains and Philippe Gaubert. His accomplishment on the instrument soon established itself on paper, with the composer producing many study and exercise books for the Flute. This includes the acclaimed 25 Études Mélodiques. 

The compilation covers aspects such as, articulation, ornamentation, range and rhythm in the form of moderately difficult variations. Furthermore, with notes in French, English, German, Spanish and Japanese, this Moyse study book is distinctly versatile. Marcel Moyse was responsible for the training of a gifted generation of performers and so it is no surprise that his 25 Études Mélodiques has been crucial to the progress of advanced Flute studies.