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Jour D’été À La Montagne (Four Flutes)


Composer: Bozza, Eugene

A Summer Day at the Mountain; Summer days in the mountain by Eugène Bozza (1905-1991) is a famous Flute Quartet, published in 1955. Technically and musically challenging, this piece was written for advanced flautists.

Summer days in the mountain was composed in four movements: 1. Pastorale, 2. Au bord du torrent, 3. Le Chant des fôrets, 4. Ronde. These four movements are all well-crafted to captivate the attention of the flautists (with their technicality, tempo and musicality) but also those of the audience.

Eugène Bozza won different prizes at the Conservatoire de Paris such as the First Prizes for the Violin, conducting and composition, as well as the Grand Prix de Rome. He composed several operas, chamber works and ballets, among others.