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Flute Classics (Flute and Guitar)


Composer: Collection

for Flute and Guitar; performance score, parts

Mozart’s “Adagio”, Bach’s “Bourrée” and “Solveig’s Song” by Grieg are amongst this selection of popular pieces set for flute and guitar. The flute plays the melody, and the guitar’s notated chordal accompaniment provides harmonic and rhythmical structure while remaining light and subtle.

From the contents
“Bourrée” (BWV 966) (J. S. Bach), “Les coucous bénévoles” (F. Couperin), “Menuet in G” (J. S. Bach), “Musette” (J. S. Bach), “German Dance” (J. Haydn), “Adagio” (W. A. Mozart) “Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja” (W. A. Mozart), “Allegro” K. 3 (W. A. Mozart), “Waltz” (J. Brahms), “Wiegenlied” (J. Brahms), “Solveig’s Song” (E. Grieg), “The Moldau” (B. Smetana), “Boléro” (M. Ravel)

The author
Berthold Kloss is an editor for educational music at Bärenreiter and Bosse. He has published numerous choir and songbooks, conducts a choir, and plays flute and guitar.