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Blocki Flute Method Supplemental Duet Book 1


Composer: Blocki, Kathy

Blocki Flute Method Supplemental Duet Book 1

This beginning duet books opens with Hot Cross Buns and progressives to rhythms that include eighth notes and a range that extends from low E to the D above the staff. It includes much great literature for the first years of playing. The first part of each of the 40 duets is written for the student. The second flute part is more difficult, and is intended for the teacher or more advanced flutists. The results are a much more satisfying musical experience than is found in most beginning duet books.  Some of the melodies are taken from the award-winning Blocki Flute Method Book I student book, but most introduce new melodies and are an excellent choice for recital pieces. Also included are four trios that work well for an excellent first ensemble experience.

Includes:  Jingle Bells, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, O Come Little Children, Chanukah, Dreidle, Renaissance Dance, Bransle, Hatikvah, The Holly and the Ivy, Cherry Blossom Song, Shalom, Oh! When the Saints, The Ash Grove,  Martini Gavott

Blocki Flute Method Book 1: Student Book 1

Blocki Flute Method Book 1: Teacher's Manual

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