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Concerto In E Minor (Flute and Piano)


The Concerto in e minor for flute and orchestra by Saverio Mercadante is now added to the other two well-known D major and E major concertos published by Pietro Spada for the first time in the late '70s. This e minor work was published (1973) by Suvini Zerboni of Milan, edited by Agostino Girard, in a flute and string version extracted from the a set of manuscript orchestra parts conserved in the library of the Conservatorio di San Pietro a Majella in Naples. They certainly date to many years after 1819, the year of composition of this concerto according to the Mercadante autograph version, and present such varied instrumental characteristics and substantial differences compared with the present version as to cast doubts on their authenticity. One is led to think of a latter arrangement of the work for practical purposes as the solo and string version is easier to find in the case of performance.
The present score, published for the first time, faithfully follows Mercadante's original autograph manuscript for flute and grand orchestra. Although imprecise in places and occasionally rather summary, it is quite complete from the composition standpoint and in the editor's opinion makes a substantial contribution to early 19th century literature for flute and orchestra. The reduction for flute and piano has the sole ambition of providing a useful study support for the soloist. In the piano part, the editor has gently tried, in the Tutti, to present a text that is slightly more favorable and not contrary to the phonic and technical characteristics of the piano.