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A Tangled View (Three Flutes)


Composer: Senchuk, Peter

A Tangled View (Flute Trio) By Peter Senchuk, Published By Forest Glade Publishing / Carl Fischer.

Includes 3 C flute parts (3rd flute can double Bass flute) and full score.

2003 was a time of conflict and conflicting information/disinformation. The very struggle to determine the truth became the impetus behind A Tangled View for three flutes. The first of three sections builds slowly into an engaging interplay, in which the three flutes pass elements back and forth, questioning, testing. The middle section is in memory of a friend who had recently passed, and includes a salute to Messiaen's Modes of Limited Transposition, a favorite of the departed. Then, finally, as Senchuk says, “A solo by Flute 1 takes us to the fast final section. Marked Angry, it makes use of agressive rhythmic figures and changing textures. The angry tone of this section reflects the bitter disillusionment of being misled.”