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Walpurgis for Alto Flute


Walpurgis for Alto Flute, By Friedgund Goettsche-Niessner, Published By Zimmermann.

This Fantasia for alto flute in G was inspired by the Walpurgis witches' dance, a tradition found in the Harz mountain region. The timbre of the alto flute emphasizes the mystic and estatic-wild elements of this kind of dance. "Walpurgis" should be performed and interpreted freely. This applies both to the tempos of the individual parts and to the rhythm and agogics. In view of the jazz elements used, too "clean" a playing style will not meet the piece's intention. "Wild air", detached staccatos and "clouded" intonation on long-sustained tones can be used to underline the picture of the witches as they come out crawling and dancing.