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Friend-Ships in the Oceans of Hearings (Flute Alone)


Friend-Ships in the Oceans of Hearings (Flute Alone) By Frederic Hartmann, Published by Edition Svitzer (2010)

“I composed this piece in homage to Henrik Svitzer who, in spring 2008, offered to publish my music. The word-game title presents the intention to express a metaphoric connection between the mutations of the friendship's bond in the travel across life and the evolution of ships at the mercy of atmospheric and maritime conditions. It is a track between figurative and ironic. Descriptive evocations, lyricism, multiple openings to listening, varied approaches to presence of the living, sounding ellipses are as much elements which constitute the musical tale-discourse of this piece. The flutist is invited here to integrate the pastoral or usual sound and its variations to the sound-palette that it equally constitutes with the other numerous techniques. I ask to the performer to consider the different aspects of the sound of his instrument as musical elements in themselves and as face's facets of the so specific Boehm flute's expressivity.” - Frederic Hartmann