Sonata Opus 77 (Flute and Piano)


Sonata Op. 77 (Flute and Piano) By Georg Abraham Schneider, Arranged by András Adorján, Published by Edition Svitzer (2012)

"Georg Abraham Schneider (1770-1839), a contemporary of Beethoven, had an important role in the musical scene of the early 19th century Berlin. His large, and hitherto unpublished, four-movement Sonata for Pianoforte and Flute in D-major, opus 77, which was composed around 1810 presents a welcoming addition to the classic / early romantic flute repertoire. Incidentally it is also a rare example of the appearance of the piano in this composer’s musical oeuvre; being an instrument which he otherwise preferred to neglect." Henrik Svitzer

Duration: 22 minutes.