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Après un rêve (Flute and Piano)


Composer: Khoury, Houtaf

Après un rêve (Flute and Piano) By Houtaf Khoury, Published by Edition Svitzer (2015)  

"This is an overwhelmingly dark piece, speaking without compromise of the disillusionment that comes after the euphoria of misplaced hopes and dreams, which is the story of Lebanon, the Middle East and beyond enduring so much injustice and violence – with no end in sight. It is an attempt to look truth straight in the eye…News coverage of countless wars all too often focuses on narrow and filtered perspectives, driven by local propaganda. Political, religious and economic injustices are never being convincingly addressed… as for the pain and suffering that are left behind – they are virtually ignored. The wordless sounds of this Sonata reveal the stark reality of death and loss, whoever the victor or vanquished are. The middle movement features a heartbreaking lament titled “Song for a Dead Child”. How can such senseless and tragic loss ever be justified?"

Wissam Boustany