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Flute Orchestral Excerpts I (Flute Choir)


Composer: Collection

Flute Orchestral Excerpts Volume One (Flute Choir) Arranged by Marko Zupan, Published by Edition Svitzer (2013) Volume One: Bach to Bizet

"We are all familiar with the fact that playing in a group with other musicians influences the way we interpret our own part. Since the orchestral flute "solos" are mostly just the leading melody in the given piece of music, it is necessary to study and above all, experience them within the whole musical context. Rhythm, harmony, intonation (in relation with harmony), colour, the breathing process, etc., they all reveal themselves. The "solo" suddenly becomes music! Naturally, the opportunity to practice with an actual orchestra is rare and that is where these arrangements for a flute quartet will come in handy. I find playing the parts of other instruments particularly interesting, since it develops the color pallet and enhances the overall expressiveness of the player. I hope this approach to music will inspire and enrich your future playing in the orchestra!" -Marko Zupan