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Partita in A minor, BWV 1013 (Flute Alone)


Partita in A minor, BWV 1013 (Flute Alone) By Johann Sebastian Bach, Text by Betty Bang Mather & Elizabeth A. Sadilek, Published By Falls House Press. 

Partita in A Minor for Solo Flute BWV 1013 with Emphasis on the Allemande (Historical Clues and New Discoveries for Performance) by Betty Bang Mather and Elizabeth A. Sadilek This investigative edition sheds new light on the perplexing features of Bach’s great work. For example, the continuous sixteenth notes in the Allemande—where to breathe?—embrace both the typical features of allemandes and some highly irregular ones. The authors propose that the atypical, psalm-like structure, delivered with the speech-like enunciation used by Baroque flutists, allows the kind of breathing appropriate to a recitation. The unusually intense melody turns out to fit the structure and images of two particular psalms. The remaining movements—Corrente, Sarabande, and Bourrée anglaise—likewise prove both typical and atypical of their dance types, and make a strong contrast with the Allemande while intimately identifying with it. The edition includes a manuscript facsimile and modern transcription of the Partita, as well as a complete structural analysis, a structural enunciation, a rhetorical analogy, and a method of emphatic delivery for the Allemande. 25 pages of music. 43 pages of text and musical examples.