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Now In Two Flute Flavors (Flute Choir)


Composer: Cohen, Jonathan

Now In Two Flute Flavors (Flute Choir) by Jonathan Cohen, Published by Falls House Press.

Now in Two Flute Flavors is two movements of crowd-pleasing and somewhat challenging jazz. The first movement, “Some Restrictions May Apply,” lies between cool jazz and big band. A walking bass underlies trumpet-like “bops” and relaxed, slightly dissonant syncopation. “Bent Key Boogie” is the second movement and offers fast-moving boogie-woogie that features a wild 12-bar piccolo solo backed only by bass. Scored for 4 C flutes, piccolo, alto, bass, and optional string bass. A bit more than 4 minutes performance time.

Flute 1
Flute 2
Flute 3
Flute 4
Alto Flute
Bass Flute
String Bass (opt.)