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Flute Solos From The Paris Conservatory (Flute and Piano)


Composer: Collection

Flute Solos From The Paris Conservatory (Flute and Piano) Published By Falls House Press.

Seventeen short solos for flute and piano by eleven composers associated with the Paris Conservatory comprise this collection. Not as difficult as the "morceaux de concours", they are charming and descriptive - a welcome addition to the repertoire for the intermediate level flutist. Composers include Pessard, Tulou, Altes, Duvernoy, and others. Interesting historical notes and a Foreword by Martha Rearick are special features of the collection. "Once again, we flutists are the beneficiaries of the remarkable work of our esteemed colleague, Martha Rearick. Her new publication, "Flute Solos from the Paris Conservatory", is one of the most enticing and valuable compendiums to be published. It is a great gift to have new pieces available to us from some of our favorite flute composers. Ms. Rearick's background information about each composer and her glossary of French music terms, make this publication a total educational and inspirational package. Congratulations to Martha Rearick and to Falls House Press!" -Jeannie Baxtresser



  • Tulou – Souvenir de Théâtre Italien
  • Altes – Romanza, Op. 33, No. 1
  • Boisdeffre – Canzonetta, Op 39, No. 8
  • Duvernoy – Deux Morceaux: Lamernto, Op. 41, No. 1
  • Duvernoy – Deux Morceaux: Intermezzo, Op 41. No. 2
  • Dubois – Tityre, from Poèmes Virgiliens
  • Pessard – Troisième Pièce, Op. 28
  • Pessard – Quatrième Pièce, Op. 75
  • Lefebvre – Scherzo, Op. 72, No. 2
  • Hennebains – Rêverie-Caprice
  • Leroux – Première Romance
  • Leroux – Deuxième Romance
  • Catherine – Barcarolle
  • Catherine – Sérénade Mélancolique
  • Guiraud – Légende et Danse Slaves
  • Guiraud – Scherzetto-Valse
  • Guiraud – Rêverie Tendre