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Forest Scenes, Op.82 (Flute Choir)


(Either Flute Quartet & String Quartet Or 8 Flutes)
Robert Schumann
Arranged by Ann Cameron Pearce
Score and Part(s)
Instrumentation: Flute quartet, String quartet (flute quartet). Five movements of an average of 2 minutes each make up this delightful double quartet. Each movement (Entrance, Haunted Spot, Solitary Flowers, The Bird as Prophet, and Hunter on the Watch) is a self descriptive little gem that could stand alone or in any combination desired. Flexibility is built in to this arrangement, for it can be performed by two flute quartets, each consisting of 2 C flutes, an alto, and a bass (with one bass having the option of being a contrabass). However, audiences are really impressed when the 2nd quartet is performed by strings (2 violins, viola, and cello). The contrasting but complimentary sonorities of flutes and strings together results in a supreme presentation.