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Out of their Rinds (Flute Choir)


Composer: Cohen, Jonathan

Out of their Rinds (Flute Choir) by Jonathan Cohen, Published by Falls House Press.

Five Fresh Squeezed Citrus Soliloquies

Cohen presents five descriptive and varied miniatures for flute choir, inspired by a major food group. All parts of the choir are featured, from the low flutes in An Ugli Fruit Goes Bad to the piccolo in Lemon-Lime, So Sublime. The movements evoke a gigue, a "sinister dance," a hornpipe, a Celtic air, and end with the "bouncy and nautical" Voyage of the Clementimes. Without questioning the underlying inspiration, the cycle gives better flute choirs the opportunity for a fun night out! For advanced performers.

Flute 1
Flute 2
Flute 3
Flute 4
Alto Flute
Bass Flute
Contrabass Flute (or Bass Flute 2) (opt.)

Commissioned For The 2010 Gaithersburg Flute Camp By Tim Friedlander