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Flute Zoo Book 3


Composer: Blocki, Kathy

Flute Zoo Book 3, By Kathy Blocki

Flute Zoo Book 3  

By the end of Book 3, students will be rock'in!  Well literally one of the last pieces is the fun Rock'in Robin!  Besides Rock'in Robin students will have mastered notes up to the high D and be able to play pieces in 6 different key signatures. Quite an accomplishment.

Even the rhythmically challenged student will find success with learning more advanced rhythms. Through out the book implied rhythms are presented in the simplest form.  The goal is to instill hearing the division of the beat. The rhythm cards in the back of the book can be cut out and used throughout the book. The goal is prepare them for the more advanced rhythms that they will encounter as they finish the Flute Zoo series and progress to Blocki Flute Method Book 2.

Many of the two page spreads are theme based.  The opening two pages feature Flamingo themed songs.   Care has been taken throughout the Flute Zoo series to insure calming background colors and musical staves that are big enough to easily read.   The book continues with themed pages design to inspire students to portray the the ideas through the music.  Each page is carefully sequenced to introduce new notes and concepts so that students advance  as smoothly as possible.  Careful review is build into the book to insure mastery of the concepts.