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La Prononciation (Studies)


La Prononciation - Exercises for mastering the art of articulation for eloquent and expressive flute playing, By Philippe Bernold, Published By Gerard Billaudot. 

Articulation – pronunciation – is an essential element of flute playing. Mastering articulation helps bring one’s performance alive by adding variety, color and clearly defined intentions to the musical discourse. Articulation on the flute occurs when the flutist’s tongue stops the note, similarly to a singer’s words interrupting a melodic line. Explore the many possibilities of expression through two series of major and minor scales as well as several exercises and orchestral excerpts.

The book is divided in six chapters:

Chapter 1 addresses good coordination between breath, tongue and fingers whilst playing major and minor scales in simple meter, followed by wider-ranging major scales in compound meter

Chapter 2 focuses on correct tongue placement. Exercises derived from the repertoire exemplify the study of the “French détaché” technique;

Chapter 3 explores the full range of articulations on another series of wide-ranging scales 

Chapter 4 aims at improving the speed of double and triple tonguing;

Chapter 5 deals with the attack of notes;

Chapter 6 highlights essential orchestral excerpts, plus one additional study with focusing on difficult articulations.