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Le Souffle, Le Son


Le souffle, le son
Philippe Bernold
Performing Ensemble: Flute Unaccompanied
Instrumentation: Flute. We will find new exercises on vocalisation, fundamental exercises to work on the base of the air column and energy of the breath, and propose exercises on improving the embouchure and on refining the end of phrases with the use of harmonics. The length of breath and the use of legato playing are two new chapters with carefully selected works (often orchestral excerpts), which permits the flutist to play with a tone comparable to that of the singers.
The last part deals with fundamental subjects such as support, vibrato, the column of air, the movement of the jaw, the timbre, nuances... In the form of articles that this remarkable flutist and teacher, heir to the French school of flute, explores with enlightenment his great educational experience.