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24 Caprice-Etudes (Studies and Etudes)


Composer: Boehm, Theobald

24 Caprice-Etudes (Studies and Etudes) By Theobald Boehm, Edited by James Galway, Published by Southern Music.

Theobald Boehm was a goldsmith and inventor of the Boehm flute (1847). He was also an engineer, composer, industrialist, and the director of the Bavarian steel works. In addition, he was the solo flutist of the Bavarian State Opera, and a well-known soloist and teacher. He played many of his own compositions on the numerous tours he undertook in his lifetime.

In writing these short pieces he gave us 24 miniature gems incorporating the difficulties we face daily while playing the flute. These études require a great deal of work but if practiced diligently you will acquire a great technique over the entire flute. This edition is edited by flute legend, Sir James Galway, complete with his phrasing and expression marks, and performance tips for each etude.