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Fractured Rondo (Flute, Clarinet and Wind Ensemble Score)


Fractured Rondo (Flute, Clarinet and Wind Ensemble Score) By James M. Stephenson, Published by Stephenson Music. 

Score only. Notes from the composer:

Not too much stock should be put into the title of Fractured Rondo. It is merely a tune that returns several times (sometimes secretively), with other bits thrown in between each repeated playing. So those looking to decipher the academic approach to a Rondo in this piece should quit before they begin!

Interestingly enough – and against my usual grain – there is no slow music in this work, aside from the rather free opening. It is spicy and prickly almost the entire way through, with jazzy interjections and grand tutti climaxes. In this sense, I almost consider it the opening movement to a much longer, perhaps 3-movement work.

Two things are new for me in this piece: the scoring for the soloists to use some altered techniques (slap-tongue), and the invitation for one, or both, of the soloists to contribute their own cadenza. I actually would prefer this over my writing one, as it would result in a more collaborative effort, and each hearing of the work would be a new one.

I am very grateful to Reed Thomas for his efforts in spearheading several groups to join together to fund this work, and I sincerely hope it finds its way into the repertoire, as there are not a whole lot of works for this combination of soloists and ensemble.


Duration: 8’30