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Flute Concerto (Haydn); Bullfinch Concert (Vivaldi); Flute Concerto (Frederick “The Great”) (Flute and Piano)


Composer: Collection

These three works for flute & orchestra remain at the top of the flute repertoire. Haydn's Divertimento is a wonderful four-movement piece including a lovely 'Menuetto'; Vivaldi's 'Il Gardellino' or 'Bullfinch' Concerto is one of the great compositions for flute & orchestra and an all-time favorite; and King Frederick II of Prussia's famous Concerto in C major shows again that a king can be more than just statesman! Includes a high-quality printed music score and a compact disc containing a complete performance of the concerto in split-channel stereo, with the soloist on the right channel; and a second performance in full stereo minus the soloist.

Performed by Jeffery Zook, flute

Accompaniment: Stuttgart Festival Orchestra

Conductor: Emil Kahn