Beginning Flute Solos – Volume 1 (Flute and Piano)


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Beginning Flute Solos – Volume 1 (Flute and Piano) Music Minus One

An enjoyable and comprehensive repertoire for beginners, with virtuoso Murray Panitz of the Philadelphia Orchestra as your teacher and guide. Listen to his masterful interpretations and learn, then you step in and take his place! Includes a slower-tempo practice versions of the Lully “Bouree and Minuet” section; and of Hopkins' “Flirtatious Fancy” to help as you master the piece. Includes a high-quality printed music annotated with performance suggestions and a digitally remastered stereo compact disc with complete versions (with soloist) followed by piano accompaniments to each piece, minus the soloist. • DE LULLY: DANCES FOR THE KING - BOUREE & MINUET • DE LULLY: GAVOTTE • DE LULLY: SARABANDE • GRETCHANINOFF: FIRST WALTZ • HOPKINS: FLIRTATIONS FANCY • HOPKINS: WANTON WALTZ • LEWALLEN: POEME PETITE • MOZART: ADAGIO • SCHUBERT: THREE THEMES - THE ROSAMUNDE AIR • SCHUBERT: THREE THEMES - LULLABY • SCHUBERT: THREE THEMES - MELODY