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Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (Flute and Piano)


Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (Flute and Piano), By Carl Nielsen, Published By Music Sales America, includes flute part and piano score.

Famed Danish composer Carl Nielsen (1865 - 1931) wrote this seminal work in 1926 for flutist Paul Hagemann, the flutist for the Copenhagen Wind Quintet. To be honest, this Concerto makes a serious play for #1 overall. However, the immaculately and masterfully composed first movement gives way to a smaller and significantly less substantial second movement, and this serious imbalance weighs heavily against the work as a whole. Put in other words: the first movement alone would likely rank top-10 on this list, and if it had one or two more substantial movements as a counterbalance, the Nielsen might very well be a favorite for the #1 spot.

This Piece made it onto our list of The 19 Best Flute Concertos Not by Mozart.