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Trevor Wye – Practice Book for the Flute: Books 1-6, Omnibus CD Edition


Composer: Wye, Trevor

Trevor Wye's acclaimed Practice Books for the Flute have now sold over one million copies and proved invaluable to players at every grade. Each book explores individual aspects of flute technique in concise detail. This revised edition features updated diagrams, clearer musical notation and improved overall design. This omnibus edition of all six books in the Practice Book series is invaluable for both amateur and would-be professional players. Together these books form a complete reference guide for players who are looking to overcome technical difficulties, and who are seeking advice on how best to practice.

This edition includes the Practice Book 1 – Tone CD and is designed to help those who have no access to a teacher, although it can also be used to back up regular lessons.

This made our list of top technique books!