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Trail of Tears for Flute and Chamber Orchestra (Flute and Piano)


Trail of Tears for Flute and Chamber Orchestra (Flute and Piano) by Michael Daugherty, Published by Boosey and Hawkes, includes flute part and piano score.

Daugherty describes this piece as “a musical journey into how the human spirit discovers ways to deal with upheaval, adversity and adapting to a new environment.” Based on the tragedies faced by Native Americans as they were forcibly removed from their ancestral homelands, specifically the Cherokee's relocation march known as the 'Trail of Tears.'

The “Trail of Tears” Concerto by Michael Daugherty (b. 1954) is definitely the surprise entry into this competition - every time I listen to this beautiful and masterful concerto, I am more and more impressed with its compositional style, beauty, and gravity - especially in today’s world. The soundscape created is colorful and captivating, and the flute as a solo instrument is so well incorporated into the final product that you don’t even realize that this is a Flute Concerto! The writing is masterful, and it will present a significant challenge to conservatory level players and professionals alike. Written in 2010, this makes a top play for our “Best Compositions of the 21st Century” list!

This Piece made it onto our list of The 19 Best Flute Concertos Not by Mozart.