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Schott Flute Library (Flute and Piano)


Composer: Collection

This anthology presents a selection of original works from 300 years of flute history from the Baroque period to Classical modernism, from Telemann to Paul Hindemith, from virtuoso to sentimental. The level of difficulty of the 16 pieces ranges between advanced lower and beginning advanced levels. This edition is a perfect addition to the flute repertoire and a rich treasure trove for audition or competition pieces. 


  • G.P. Telemann: Sonate G-Dur TWV 41:G9
  • J.J. Quantz: Sonate e-Moll QV 2:21
  • J.-P. Guignon: Sonate A-Dur, op. 1/8
  • F. Benda: Sonate G-Dur, op. 3/1C.P.E. Bach: Hamburger Sonate Wq. 133/H. 564
  • F.A. Hoffmeister: Sonate G-Dur, op. 21/3
  • L. Drouet: Sonate a-Moll aus Methode pour la Flûte
  • T. Böhm: Elegie As-Dur, op. 47
  • F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy: The Shepherd's Song MWV R 24
  • F. Chopin: Variationen über ein Thema von Rossini
  • W. Popp: Russisches Zigeunerlied, op. 462/2
  • C. Fontaine: Adagio cantabile, op. 31
  • R. Strauss: Introduction, Thema und Variationen o. op. 56/TrV 76
  • A. Roussel: Pan (Joueurs de flûte), op. 27/1
  • P. Hindemith: Echo
  • B. Hummel: Romanze, op. 69e