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My First Concert - 24 Easy Concert Pieces from 5 Centuries (Flute and Piano)


Composer: Collection

To every pupil, the first concert is a special experience. The period of intensive preparation, the mixture of trepidation and joyful anticipation, the concentration during the performance, the applause of the audience and the pride after the successful performance. Such impressions will all stick in the pupil's mind and quite often influence his or her entire future development. The choice of the “right” performance piece is of vital importance: It should be technically and musically manageable, make a strong impression and give great pleasure in practicing.

This book contains easy pieces of different length for flute and piano which are ideal for music lessons and the pupils' first performances. The selected works invite the player on a journey through different epochs of music, starting with the Renaissance and Baroque eras to the Classical and Romantic periods to contemporary music. Further highlights are pieces from the areas of folk, pop and jazz music.

Most pieces can be played after 1-2 years of music lessons. Approaching the works is made easier by the enclosed CD which contains all pieces as a demo version and as a play-along version with just piano accompaniment.

Includes English and German language.


  • Attaignant - Gaillarde
  • Mainerio - Tedesca
  • Praetorius - Dance
  • Anonymous - Greensleeves to a Ground
  • Vivaldi - Cantabile from Il Gardelino
  • Telemann - Vite from Sinfonie a la françoise
  • Bach - Siciliena from Sonata E flat major BWV 1031
  • Holcombe - Allegro from Three Airs
  • Gluck - The Dance of the Blessed Spirits from Orpheus and Euridice
  • Mozart - Allegro from Sonata C major KV 14
  • Beethoven - German Dance
  • Faure - Berceuse Op. 16
  • Debussy - The Little Negro
  • John Alain - Andante
  • Barbara Heller - Rain Flower
  • Etienne Gilbert - Miniature 5
  • Anonymous - Shepherds Hey
  • Mike Schonmehl - Walking by the Sea
  • Traditional - Mango Walk
  • Scott Joplin - Original Rags
  • Matyas Seiber - Slow Fox
  • Krystof Zgraja - Cool Blues
  • Christophe Norton - Swing Out Sister
  • Gabriel Koeppen - On the Beach