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Concerto in B-flat Major (Flute and Piano)


Concerto in B-flat Major (Flute and Piano) by Giulio Briccialdi, Edited by Ginevra Petrucci, Published by Ricordi.

Giulio Briccialdi (1818-1881) has been one of the major European flutists of the Nineteenth Century. Praised by coeval critics as “the first among the living flutists” in a period when virtuosos were reaching extraordinary levels, Briccialdi was a unique artist with a quintessentially Romantic personality. His refined activity as a composer is nowadays mostly known thanks to his paraphrases on operatic themes and to his didactic output, but it is through his concertos – a real cornerstone in the instrumental virtuosic repertoire of the 1800s – that Briccialdi exploits the pinnacle of his opera-influenced style. Briccialdi's concertos are intended for technically and stylistically advanced performers.