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Zig Zag Zoo (4 Flutes)


Composer: Clarke, Ian

Zig Zag Zoo (4 Flutes) by Ian Clarke (b. 1964), Published by IC  Music, written in 2009.

A multi standard ensemble piece in 4 parts with an optional very easy 5th part for concert flutes written to compliment Walk Like This.  The publication includes workshop ideas around the material of the piece including a 'Zig Zag Zoo' rhythm scheme.  Suitable for a wide range of groups for quick or detailed study; features some accessible extended techniques.  It has been performed at numerous flute events throughout the world. 

We all know by now that Ian Clarke is a composer of huge importance to flute players. Zig Zag Zoo is a typical example of his ability to be creative whilst at the same time providing a totally do-able experience at whatever level you happen to be. This very entertaining ensemble uses all the effects that you might now expect - multiphonics, quarter-tone grace notes, fluttering, vocals etc - and harnesses them into a funky work that will be universally loved. He writes so intelligently, scoring the parts in order of difficulty so that everyone feels included - success guaranteed. But this is only half the story. There is also a contemporary flute techniques workout included that could provide enough material for a whole term's teaching if need be. Improvisation and group activity are the keys here. Call and response games, fun with harmonics, and 'Rhythm Land - rhythmic lego!' showing how rhythms can be used within Zig Zag Zoo itself can all be developed endlessly both in the context of this piece and as stand-alone work. Whatever your views on performing this style of music there is absolutely no doubt that it is indeed a very useful addition to our repertoire.