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Spells (Flute Choir)


Composer: Clarke, Ian

Spells (5 Flutes or Flute Choir) by Ian Clarke (b. 1964), Published by IC Music, written in 2014.

This is another lovely work from Ian Clarke which is rich in atmospheric colour. It's approachable too! The contemporary techniques used are restricted to residual tones, jet whistles and various tongue rams with an absence of different fingerings to learn. This together with the alternative lines for less experienced players means that a wider range of abilitities can have a go. There are still plenty of notes in all the other parts though and the advanced will have to work hard to make this piece sound really effective. With such wonderful music it's unlikely that anyone will mind!
Three movements: Magical & Woven, Plaintive, Presto

Commissioned by the Quintessenz Flute Ensemble (Leipzig) and the Chicago Flute Club. Premiered at the USA and UK international flute conventions 2014. Recorded by Quintessenz on their album Incantations (2016).

The title is a gateway or clue to many possible underlying imaginative worlds of the piece: a world of Spells!