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Two Sonatas (Flute and Piano)


Composer: Clementi, Muzio

Two Sonatas (Flute and Piano) by Muzio Clementi, Edited by Karl Kraber, Published by International Music Company.

  • Sonata in F major, op. 2, No. 1
  • Sonata in F major, op. 2, No. 5

In the spring of 1779 Welcker in London published Six Sonatas Opus 2 by Muzio Clementi for piano or harpsichord, numbers 1, 3 and 5, with a flute or violin accompaniment. These three (numbers 1, 3, 5) were later published in Amsterdam as Three Sonatas for piano with flute. Our numbering uses the original (London) numbers, while the musical text derives from the later Amsterdam publication. Dynamics and articulations added by extension to conform with the markings have been added without comment; other editorial additions are in parentheses.