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Adagio (Flute and Piano)


Composer: Kodaly, Zoltan

Adagio (Flute and Piano) By Zoltan Kodaly, (Originally for Cello and Piano) Arranged By Mark Sparks, Published By SparksFlute.

"The adagio of Zoltan Kodaly (1882-1967) was originally composed for violin and piano. It achieved broad popularity, and is frequently performed on cello and viola as well. This adaptation for flute and piano is a significant addition to the flutist's recital repertoire. A very early work (1910), the Adagio displays the dark, serious tone one might associate with the music of Brahms or Mahler, featuring rich harmonies, large-scale sonorities, and contemplative, passionate melodies emphasizing the low octave of the flute. Passages of improvisatory freedom lend an air of freshness and spontaneity; traits inherent to the composers style which found full voice in his later fold-music based expressions, and here, perfectly suited to the charismatic personality of the flute. This soulful and distinctive piece challenges the flutist to develop tonal and lyrical skills to the fullest, while offering the audience a fully approachable and emotionally engaging experience." - Mark Sparks