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Orchestral Excerpt Duos "Excerpts with Flute Accompaniment" Vol. 1


Composer: Sparks, Mark
Orchestral Excerpt Duos "Excerpts with Flute Accompaniment" Vol. 1, By Mark Sparks 
Bach: Aus liebe will....from St. Matthew Passion
Beethoven: Leonore Overture No. 3
Beethoven: Symphony No. 3 "Eroica"
Beethoven: Symphony No. 4
Brahms: Symphony No. 4
Dvorak: Symphony No. 8
Gluck: Menuet and Dance of the Blessed Spirits from Orpheus
Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf
Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 4


Most flutists will undertake study of orchestral excerpts at some point. Mastery of the fundamentals is  crucial, and knowledge of the accompaniment is necessary for a full understanding of the music, yet study  of excerpts with accompaniment can be elusive. Rehearsal and performance with orchestra, study and  practice with piano reduction, and “music-minus-one” media are often unavailable. Additionally, many  teachers endeavor to efficiently explain or demonstrate aspects of the accompaniment during the lesson.  This volume presents the excerpts in flute accompaniment format as a handy learning and preparation tool.  Teachers can efficiently illustrate a useful sketch of the accompaniment, and students may easily study  enhanced aspects of the excerpts, while learning and enjoying this essential repertoire together.  


Effort has been made to adhere to highly reputable sources in the creation of these arrangements. That  said, these are true arrangements; composites intended to give students, teachers, and listeners immediate  access to the essentials of the excerpts with accompaniment. Editorial suggestions have been avoided.    

The second flute line bears the primary weight of the orchestral accompaniment, providing a playable  sketch of the harmony and accompaniment style while attempting to maintain the voice-leading in the  orchestra parts. The first flute is the soloist, who may fill out the texture during the tutti passages. These  portions appear in brackets.  

Harmonically complex excerpts are arranged for flute trio or quartet, as well as the duo setting. The  inclusion of additional voices offers significant enrichment and information concerning the context of the  excerpt.