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Coffee Noodles (Studies & Etudes)


Coffee Noodles (Studies & Etudes) By Paul Edmund-Davies, Published by Paul Edmund-Davies.

We all know that to start of the day, making sure we are ‘toned up’ and ready to meet the challenges and demands of the instrument, along with the session of practice ahead of us, is of major importance.

However, never far away is the possibility that at the beginning of these sessions, we end up playing the same material. Over time, with such a monotonous routine, concentration and committed engagement will steadily fade away and any benefits, if any, will be minimal. When this occurs, alarm bells should be ringing and loudly so!

The idea behind the seven exercises (one for each day of the week) in Coffee Noodles, is to work on material that will warm up those key areas (fingers, lips, breathing, tongue, stamina and brain), whilst at the same time being stimulating, engaging, enjoyable and comparatively simple to play.