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Sound Bytes for Flute Duet


Sound Bytes for Flute Duet By Katherine Hoover, Published by Papagena Press.

"Sound Bytes is a group of six light pieces for two flutes. Some of the movements explore sounds and colors particularly effective on the instrument, while others poke fun at contemporary cliches.

I - Get Up is a be-bop tune with four short choruses. II - Thirds contains a certain kind of disjunct, fast writing that flutists have seen ad nauseum the past twenty years. III - Short Circuit, or "Minimalis Interruptus" is a rather personal look at minimalism. IV - Invention, whose form is that of a Bach Invention, exploits the swift double-tongue possible on the flute, from its low register bee-buzzing sound to the brilliant top notes. V - Johnny Two-Note is written entirely on D and A flat, using varied colors, dynamics, ranges, and other effects. VI - In Flight explores the sweeping and darting of flight, using virtuosic runs, trills, tremolos, and harmonics."   --Katherine Hoover