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Canzona & Reel/Jig (Four Flutes)


Composer: Davison, John

Canzona & Reel/Jig (Four Flutes) By John Davison, Published by Papagena Press. 

Instrumentation: 4 Flutes. The Canzona is a kind of free fugue, playing extensively in all voices with one main theme. This theme centers on a single note, falling and rising from it but always returning to it. Appearing in many keys, the melody and a subordinate motive rise to a climax and subside to a peaceful ending. The second movement, Reel/Jig, is just what its title implies: a jig, followed by a reel, followed by a return of the jig and then by a combining of the two at the end. The dance rhythms and melodic material are derived from, and strongly suggestive of, traditional Anglo-Celtic-American folk material.