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Canyon Shadows (Flute and Percussion)


Canyon Shadows (Flute, Native Flute and Percussion) By Katherine Hoover, Published By Papagena Press. 

Parts and Score included. 

"Canyon Shadows was inspired by the haunting canyons of the American Southwest, in particular, the famous, breathtaking Grand Canyon. This work combines several overlapping spheres: those of the native flute/silver flute; native music/"western" music; and sounds of nature/notated music. It was my challenge to meld these varied elements into a whole. In my mind's eye I saw a band of native ancestors searching for a home, finding a canyon and moving in. In the third movement their calls echo across the canyon. There is a celebration, and the piece ends with dusk settling in, with chirps and murmers, bats, and memories." - Katherine Hoover

Canyon Shadows was written on commission from the Grand Canyon Music Festival, and premiered in September, 1999, by R. Carlos Nakai, Clare Hoffman, and Gordon Gottlieb.